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The role of the opposition in this age

The Opposition's main role is to question the government of the day and hold them accountable to the public. The Opposition represents an alternative government, and is responsible for challenging the policies of the government and producing different policies where appropriate. Leader of the Opposition, is responsible for representing the Opposition at state functions, meetings with dignitaries and other important events.

Attitudes to the role of the Leader of the Opposition should be taken into account by people who wish to anticipate what the Opposition might do. Under opposition alliance- system, other opposition parties own attitudes can influence outcomes The way opposition parties work together can influence the outcomes - if they succeed in working together and in building the "political numbers" they increase their chances of toppling the government.
Opposition in Zimbabwe has become the devil ambassador. They work against the people in order to gain popularity. The opposition is supposed to assist in developing the country not in putting it down.

Holding the Government accountable

One of the most important jobs of the Opposition is to constantly question the Government. "Any Government has to remain answerable to the public at all times, and a good Opposition can put the spotlight on serious issues and have them resolved quickly".in short for the opposition to blame the government of the day for thirty seven years of hardships is hypocritical,  they are in it together. The opposition participated in the parliament and all state functions. The fact that they kept quiet so that they can take advantage of any slip ups is a fallacy. An active Opposition will also debate legislation vigorously in the House and during the Select Committee process to ensure the legislation receives careful consideration.

Being in Opposition is not just about opposing the Government. "There are occasions when the Opposition agrees with the Government. If the solution proposed by the Government has wide support, and is soundly based, then it's only natural for the Opposition to agree. But the Zimbabwean opposition do not hesitate to throw away the child and the water. They are so self-centred and indeed not patriotic. They believe that opposition means oppose everything government does. This is the reason why the development of Zimbabwe is slow. Instead of looking for ways to alleviate poverty the opposition request for more poverty. "Opposition parties have more chances of attracting sympathy from those who are able to help. But they use that opportunity to their advantage. The same resources the Government and the Executive, does not have so government has to work twice as hard to get the same results", The Government has attached access to foreign aid where the Opposition often has to go down different avenues to source the same aid and it easily accessible for them. 
"It's also really important that the opposition keeps a close eye and ear on what the public is saying, needs and wants – because problems are often caused by the Government not delivering. ‘But the opposition we have is keeping an eye on what is missed as to gain mileage. Sometimes caused by Government negligence" that become the Opposition's main platforms it is true that the Opposition has an important role to play in raising issues for the benefit of the nation.

The Opposition's formal role in Parliament is to "hold the government to account "That does not mean opposing what the government does. It always means questioning what the government is doing.

"The other major role is proposing alternatives to what the government is doing so the public gets the benefit of political debate between different directions Another role is representing the opposition on formal occasions, such as state luncheons. Unfortunately for Zimbabwe the opposition shuns the national functions because in their mind they are told to oppose anything.

 But while the Opposition has the additional job of working to present an alternative government, which of course involves other opposition parties, or potentially government parties that are part of government, it has a duty to make the lives of people better. They should not be in government for money, they must never be in politics for money. You have to work with other parties to present an alternative government, but the opposition is purposed to destroy the legacy of the state for their own good. The Opposition's role is only partly to "oppose, oppose, oppose". The role must be more constructively as holding the government to account. "If you go about that in a positive way - you can cause government to adopt positive proposals." But we have the opposition which traps the government and request sanctions in order to gain numbers.

At one end of the spectrum there are occasions on which oppositions agree with the Government. These tend to be where it is simply in the wider public interest that a problem is fixed, where the solution the government is proposing has wide support, and it is hard to disagree with it.
Opposing a Government is most useful for an opposition in defining its own position. A Government has the advantage that its decisions matter and the Opposition does not have the platform through its own decision making process. Oppositions get a hearing when giving a view on what the Government is doing. The game from now on is for the main opposition party to strengthen its hand when it can find ideas where it can get consensus with other opposition parties and come up with ideas which benefit the country.

There is a political risk to a party in loss of identity, subordinated to the common good "whether in opposition or government".   However the opposition must be constructive and not destructive. It must show the electorate that winning is not the in thing but the welfare of the nation is the top priority. The need to be in power at all costs exposes the opposition to great selfishness and stubbornness which harms the nation.

How can one be aspiring to lead a country he is destroying?


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