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Enough Is Enough my fellow comrades

Revolutionary greetings Zimbabweans,

Once upon a time this second republic promised people jobs, freedom and the betterment of each life in contemporary Zimbabwe.

We as ordinary Zimbabweans rallied behind our leaders and chanted their names at the top our lungs, glorifying their ascension to the most powerful offices in land because they portrayed yourself as the beacons of hope and contrary to our wishful, prayerful expectations things took a turn for the worst. The government seems to be glorifying our suffering as a people what exactly is our crime as Zimbabweans.

We denounced Mugabe when he warned the nation that a treasonous act cursing the land had been committed and we took it lightly and now we are paying the price. The youth remain unemployed while the national economy is sinking and ordinary citizens are being abused.

While prices in state universities sky rocket and while the sons and daughters of hard working citizens drop out each day our leaders seat in their ivory offices glorifying our suffering again my comrades what is our crime as Zimbabweans. The arrogance exhibited by the government has plundered the nation into deep chaos with our suppose leaders turning a blind eye to our suffering and proverbially burying their heads in the sand.

Once upon a time Robert Mugabe said to those who said there was no fuelling in Zimbabwe to sleep in the middle of the road to prove their statements and history has repeated itself when the Minister in ED's government foolishly said fuel queues are evidence that there enough fuel in the country. That line of arrogant reasoning will never lead this nation forward and proves this regime is doomed for failure.

Throughout the world l've never seen a nation that shuns its own currency except in our Zimbabwe where government demands forex to pay for imports of vehicles despite the emphasis made by leadership that bond notes and the American dollar trade on equal basis on the market. People's civil rights are being infringed upon with citizens such as Taison Hove arrested for merely expressing their views of opinion all this happening in a democratic society that indeed that is a tragedy of epic proportions. While government officials fly first class and open swiss accounts across the globe acquiring real estates, civil servants are undervalued earning a worthless currency which the government itself rejects.

We as Zimbabweans pride ourselves in being among the most educated people and where has that education gotten us. Fellow Zimbabweans let me tell you of a story: Once upon a time in Rhodesia, a nation of unlimited potential, existed a regime which gave bread and butter to the few elites while the general populace suffered. Once upon a time fellow Zimbabwe there was a wise generation who put aside their differences and realized that their strength lay in unity rather division, in fighting together for a common cause rather than fighting one another.

Fellow Zimbabweans enough is enough, we need change and young people should wake up and be agents of that, to quote John F Kennedy, "a society which has its young people in a constant state of slumber will never realize its full potential" we need to rise up and say enough is enough we cannot continue to be misgoverned. GOD BLESS ZIMBABWE.

(Revolutionary Comrade)

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