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Behold the 4th Chimurenga!

We do no not seek to dispense ourselves from the past. We are a product of our past. We do not seek to despise our fore bearers because we are where we are because of them. We are part of the revolution. A revolution is ongoing, it keeps revolving and is never terminated. We a proud of our fore bearers . We will learn from their mistakes and built on their successes. We will never be shy of our past in order to please anyone because that's who we are. We are not a new dispensation. We are not a test tube creation.

We build on from dynasties that found our nation. Our spirit mediums Mlimo, Nehanda great fighters from Mashonaland and Matebeleland rose to challenge those who had taken over our heritage. These are our heroes of the First Chimurenga. They were defending the heritage for the future generations they carried in their bellies. Changa chisiri "chinhu chavo " it was about the future our present today and that of our children's children.

The Second Chimurenga saw the rise of Benjamin Burombo, Masotsha Ndhlovu, Joshua Nkomo, Ndabaningi Sithole, Robert Mugabe, Chinamano Rekai Tangwena among others. The various spirit mediums converged and allowed the people of Zimbabwe to spill blood in  defence of our motherland that had been taken over.

The Second Chimurenga with the political leadership a generation of young men and women who were prepared to pay the ultimate price for our heritage. They were not mercenaries, it was their generational duty. William Ndangana, Nikita Mangena, Rex Nhongo, Lookout Masuku, Josiah Tongogara, J. Z Moyo Ambrose Mutinhiri, Sheba Tavarwisa, Eddzai Chimonyo ,Tonderai Nyika, Gevan Maseko among others and those represented at the tomb of the unknown soldier. These were part of the unfinished business started by our grandfathers and mothers of the first Chimurenga. They were not new they did not dispense themselves from the past.

Sweat blood and toil was all what all Zimbabweans faced. Those in rural areas regardless of who you were. It was a collective effort. Others made mistakes but they are part of us. An ecosystem thrives on differences without that it collapses. We acknowledge the differing views and we learn from that. The blood and toil of the nation was rewarded when the Zimbabwean flag was hoisted with its red stripes representing that sacrificeas  on 18 April 1980. The nation had triumphed over adversity. May all the gallant Zimbabweans who lost their lives, churchmen, spirit mediums, villagers , urbanites,fighters, political leadership , Cdes in neighboring countries,  souls rest in everlasting peace and they must know that we the young generation will never dispense with them. We will always be proud of them.

The founding fathers of our nation R.G Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo brought our people together. What we fought for majority rule, had been achieved. Chakanga chisiri chinhu chavo. It is this right that Zimbabweans will hold dear for years and years . The right to vote. We had our own share of problems. The massacres in Matebeleland. We must learn from  that and never again should we spill blood amongst ourselves. That part of our history needs introspection and closure.

The Second Chimurenga would never be complete without our land and its minerals which belongs to all of us. This led to the Third Chimurenga. Under the leadership of R G Mugabe Zimbabweans got most of their land back. In unity the gallant sons of our great nation continued with the revolution. A revolution is always on going and is never completed by a single generation. Every generation has its task.

The coming in of the majority to govern saw serious strides in education. Zimbabwe ranks top in Africa. The founders of the nation knew that it is only education that will anchor the 4th revolution. Our people do stride with confidence in any part of the world. We are an educated and proud people.

We must acknowledge our November 2017 mistake. We are where we are because some among us thought they were best to take the nation forward sidelining the generation the country had invested in. They forgot the job they did and did well with the AK 47. But now the job does not need the AK 47 , does not need the  spilling of blood neither does  our differences make us enemies. The war is now fought in boardrooms, international conferences, tarriffs, medical theatres, agric research and development, diplomacy and the empowerment of our people. We are one and the same. Unity, unity, unity . We have learnt from our past. To our heroes of the second and Third Chimurenga, bungee jumping is not advisable at 75 years let's let the children we fought do bungee jumping whilst we watch and ululate. Advise on how the rope should be properly tightened given your experiences will always be welcome during the break.


The young must arise today. The cornerstone of the 4th Chimurenga will be as follows:

1-The Unity Of  Our People
2-The return of our people in the diaspora.
3-The Economic Development Of Our Great Nation
4- Entrenchment Of Democracy And Democratic  values
5-Rule of law
6-The Consolidation Of Gains Achieved in the 3rd Chimurenga
7-Protection of the Vulnerable in Society.
8- World Class Health Care
9-Revamping of  Our Education System
10-Development Of a World Class  Welfare System For Our Veterans, Workers And The Aged.
1- Without unity we  are doomed to fail. Our diversity must not make us enemies. We must be willing to learn from each other and respect our differences. It is through learning and understanding that we will understand why we are different in certain respects. We maybe from different regions but always the same people.

2- Japan was developed by the Japanese so has China by the Chinese. South Korea was developed by south koreans and Britain by the British. The 4th generation must bring back Zimbabweans abroad like the Second Chimurenga brought back Zimbabweans who were in Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana and many other African and European countries. 4 th chimurenga must see a massive homecoming of these children who are living as second class citizens in these various countries. They have seen it  and they must come home and move their country forward. Imagine if all Zimbabweans were to come back and plough into the country whatever they have Zimbabwe will be The Switzerland of the Sadc region.

3-The economic development of our country is now non negotiable. We have lagged behind. The economy can only thrive when equal opportunity is availed to all. A scenario where one businessman owns the country and is feared by a whole government that is the executive, parliament and judiciary is a shame on our political leadership. Our heroes of the first, second and third chimurenga did not die in vain. This must come to a stop. Zimbabwean Engineers abroad , Medical Specialist's, Educationists, Researchers must come back home and change Zimbabwe into a Silicon Valley. We built Great Zimbabwe we can build a Great Zimbabwe again.

4- The nation fought for democracy and it must entrenched. People now understand what Morgan Tsvangirai stood for and his resoluteness is part of our history. Never again shall we sacrifice principle on the altar of political expedience. We must win with humility and lose with honour and no AKs under the table. Guns must never be used on our people because of political differences. It's a shame.

5- No development will ever take place without the rule of law. It is the people through their representatives who should make the law. The law must not be made for the people by those in power.  Those in power must not undermine the laws of the country. Law gives confidence to citizens to invest so as foreigners. No one must be above the law including the President.  

6- lt's time the land reform is concluded. Politicians cannot continue to threaten people on land if they differ politically. That's not what our heroes fought for. Security of tenure leads to investment simple. Tarrifs and empowerment laws must be debated and used to empower our people. Resources are for the posterity of future generations and must not be controlled by a few individuals. We must exercise care on how we exploit our resources. The flora and fauna must not be recklessly decimated in order to please foreign powers.  Animals and the environment will need our protection.

7-lt's a shame that the vulnerable are unable to access clean water, basic foodstuffs, education and health. Systems must be in place to protect the orphans, the handicapped, mentally challenged amongst us. We have the resources and surely we can't allow our disabled to wallow in poverty. The looking after of such members of society must be the responsibility of the state. No family must be burdened alone, no one chooses to be in such a predicament. Those with people at heart must lead us.

8- Any nation's well being is measured by the health of its people. The country has the brains and resources to develop a world class health care. Leadership must have people at heart because that's what they vowed to do. Zimbabweans in the healthcare system both locally and abroad know what must be done. They must be assisted and not hindered. We can't train our children to  dump them to the developed world . We must be ashamed of ourselves

9- Our education system must continue to shine. We can not allow our educators to wallow in poverty. What has gone wrong with us? We must be among the best in the world. The 4th Chimurenga must ensure we are the best and produce from our schools and colleges students who will help solve our challenges and see us into the future, a future that will see science and innovation take centre stage.

10- A nation that does not look after its heroes  goes nowhere. Any nation that does look after its old is a condemned nation.  Our generation must reward those who have fought and defended it. It's time we have clear reward systems for our veterans. Veterans Hospitals must be built in the 4th Chimurenga that must develop and provide post war medicine and treatment to our elderly in society. The brains are there , let's give our country a future not pain and torment

I therefore conclude in calling upon the young to march on with the revolution. The revolutionary legacy needs no restoring,  a revolution is a continuous process . In the million man march the Veteran leader R G Mugabe had identified how the revolution could be continued by the young. Let's build on that and march forward as l commit those of our generation who have lost hope to the future.

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