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Gukurahundi atrocities: a serious criminal case for The International Court of Justice, The Haig: no Chief Ndiweni single pardon

"Are you saying I should not have forgiven my relative Nkala"? This was the latest tweet from Chief Nhlanhlayamagwe Ndiweni!

With due respect to the Right Honourable Chief of Ntabeyezinduna: Chief Nhlanhlayamagwe Ndiweni, the Chief has no right whatsoever to offer individual pardon to Enos Nkala on grounds that Enos Nkala is his relative. Does the whole Chief comprehend the gravity of genocide committed in these regions of Matabeleland and Midlands if he can openly and singularly pardon Enos Nkala because of he is a relative to him? This is just inconceivable; I beg to differ and am appalled by his lack of foresight and at best he is giving himself a royal prerogative of mercy: he has no capacity in his kraal to deal with crimes against humanity.

Does the Chief realize that by pardoning Enos Nkala he is putting himself above the International Criminal Justice in the Haig? Gukurahundi are genocide crimes never to be trivialized even by the Chief of that region. Dear Nkosi, again, with all due respect, you are crossing the red lines that should never be crossed by all right-thinking citizens coming from this region especially. Your office is not above the International Court of Justice. You cannot start to singularly pardon such crimes of genocide because Enos Nkala is your cousin or whatever.
I am dead sure you were young to know the magnitude of destruction of human lives; you do not know exactly what transpired in the Gukurahundi era. Ignorance about such lack of foresight do not excuse the Chief anyhow: You must be told that such crimes of genocide nature cannot be pardoned in a Chiefs Kraal. Such crimes belong to The Haig International Justice. I honestly do not want to believe that you really mean what you wrote in your twitter.  Can you really say that to pardon Enos Nkala is enough to appease the dead and alive and family members of 20,00 people that were massacred with neither a crime nor means to defend themselves?

Your Honourable Chief: you are belittling the atrocities of genocide nature if you think your pardoning your relative goes a long way to put to an end to Gukurahundi atrocities because you happen to be Chief of Ntabayezinduna: I am sure you are not saying so. This cherry-picking of who should be pardoned for committing such crimes slaps in the faces of victims of those crimes and it is the worst insult you can tell the victims, their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren of this region you happen to be traditional ruler of.

The victims of genocide are seeking answers to these crimes, a very sad part of Zimbabwe's history and for you to come out as Chief to singularly pick and cherry who should be pardoned by your kraal undermines the gravity of genocide. Who gave you the mandate to deal with atrocities of genocide honourable Chief Ndiweni? Is it the people of Matabeleland who gave you the mandate for your kraal to deal and pardon genocide crimes of this magnitude? To say you pardon Enos Nkala is unworthy of any recognition. It is sad indeed to hear a person of your high office in Ntabayezinduna to reduce Gukurahundi as legal issue that your office can deal with pardoning relatives of your own choice.

Your Chiefdom is somehow self-serving politics dear Honourable Chief. We see you supping with the likes of MDC-Alliance Advocate Nelson Chamisa, a leader who is destroying Bulawayo and Matabeleland: can you not see this? In 2018, Chamisa chose his blue-eyed leaders outside the region of Matabeleland to represent Bulawayo Councils and we all know the corruption issues of Deputy Mayor who tried to give tenders to companies in Harare as if there are no such potentials in Bulawayo and Matabeleland. There was no comment regarding this lack of wisdom from your office. This is a Deputy Mayor with criminal charges of stealing an electric cable from his client!! Advocate Chamisa must have promised you great, dear Honourable Chief: King Bulelani Khumalo will be coronated King when Chamisa becomes President of Zimbabwe!! King Bulelani is your Brainchild. I will not count how many Kings we have in the Matabeleland already in this region alone.

Advocate Chamisa openly got assistance from Mugabe and G-40 members. Mugabe is the main architect of genocide atrocities in Matabeleland and Midlands. How comfortable are you to be seen to be part of such political parties without values and principles? If, for argument sake Chamisa became President, nothing will be done to solve the Gukurahundi issue, I bet with my last Euro. Chamisa uses this region to gain power and has not interest relating in solving issues in Matabeleland. We should have expected a comment from your office regarding these open tribal issues in this region.  It is for this reason that I think your Chiefdom is more about yourself, the Kingdom of Matabeleland under King Bulelani and never about the common people of this region. Time will prove me right one day!

One shocking thing you do not realize is that the people of Matabeleland are grieving and this Gukurahundi genocide will one day find its recognition at the courts of laws nationally or internationally and all perpetrators of genocide will be brought to book, alive or post-humus including your relative; Enos Nkala. They are all known criminals including your relative Enos Nkala who took part in those atrocities of genocide nature. We seek justice even if means today or years to come, these atrocities will remain a dent in the history of this nation.

Please, Honourable Chief; you should concentrate on your jurisdiction of Ntabayezinduna: to go beyond your territory is to insult the region that's already insulted. The government is paying lip-service when it comes to Truth and Reconciliation, some alternative to sending them to the Haig; what the people of this region demand, if this is what the people of Matabeleland want.

I personally admire your English language proficiency, albeit serious lack of wisdom in dealing with sensitive and painful issues regarding this region. I will, however, remain your faithful subject; my mother was born in Ntabayezinduna and she was proud of her place of birth. I have the right to air my humble views if I thought, if I realized that our Honourable Chief is going astray. Whether you are the rightful Chief of Ntabayezinduna, that is not my area of judgement. I do not belong to Ndiweni Clan to say who is the rightful Chief: you or Jorum Ndiweni. I can only pledge my loyalty to anyone who is declared Chief between the two as per the decision of the Ndiweni clan.

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