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Chief Ndiweni has higher aspirations about Matabeleland

We should all know that Advocate Chamisa knows how corrupt, how weak the leadership of Matabeleland is. Chief Ndiweni is under thumb of Chamisa but I think their relationship is symbiotic somehow. Chamisa desperately want to maintain the vote he got in Matabeleland and hold on to it for future use. On the other hand, Chamisa sees Ndiweni Chieftainship as a desperate institution that yearns for the Nguni Kingdom in Matabeleland. Chamisa promised this long back and hence he got the 2018 elections Matabele vote and Bulawayo as the constituency that toped the most in voting red for MDC-Alliance.

That the Zanu PF government stripped Ndiweni of his Chieftaincy, this plays very well in the Chamisa's gallery. It is now a question of time, if for argument sake Chamisa became president of the Republic of Zimbabwe, we shall see the coronation of King Bulelani Khumalo. This young boy: commonly called by the Nguni hardliners "Ithole" was outsourced by Chief Ndiweni selectively to empower the Chief to be able to reclaim the gold that was looted by the colonisers after the defeat of the Matabele war with the British. This is what Chief Ndiweni is chasing. Therefore, Chief Ndiweni is playing politics that will be accepted by the people of Mashonaland and at the same breath he is softening the hearts of the British Monarch in the event Bulelani became King some "lucrative engagements" will take place between the Ndebele Kingdom and the British Monarch.

What Chief Ndiweni is pursuing has nothing to do with the aspirations of the people of Matabeleland except himself and his immediate subordinates in his kraal.  We should ask ourselves pertinent questions before we accept King Bulelani as our King. If Bulelani's mother is Khumalo by totem, how does Bulelani qualify to become King of the people of Matabeleland? Is that not taboo to offer Kingship to Untwana we Ntombi". If Bulelani is South African by citizenship how does he qualify to be King of the people outside his domicile? Why were the Khumalos inside Zimbabwe- Matabeleland not been considered in the selection exercise?

The answer is simple. Chief Ndiweni wanted a young man of Bulelani' Khumalo's infantile calibre and approach, a person not capable of thinking far and wide, Bulelani is a young man he was going to easily control. Looking at Bulelani from pics and videos, his speaking and mimic points to the fact that he is some "sort out young man" who was going to execute what he is told to do by the Chief of Ntabayezinduna. There is money at stake coming from the British Monarch to be negotiated to the future Ndebele Monarch.

King Bulelani Khumalo was denied coronation by the Zanu PF government. The Chief calculates with foreseeable future winning of MDC-Alliance party into government hence Felix Ndiweni is on a pleasing-spree to charm Chamisa even at the detriment of the emotions of the people of Matabeleland and their pains and loss regarding genocide and serious other crimes against humanity. Chamisa winning presidency will allow the Chief to have all those organisational and logistical powers about the Kingdom of Matabeleland automatically crushing the existing two Kings already coronated, all claiming to be Kings of Matabeleland from a 5% Nguni population of Matabeleland.

There is a good reason why Chief Ndiweni is in the UK today. He came for medical reasons; we shall know more why he chose to come to UK instead of getting medical treatment in South Africa where all those rich people of Zimbabwe go to when they get ill. When he goes back home, if at all he wants to, he will be given a big car by rich Chamisa as appeasement and selling of Matabeleland people to vote for the corrupt MDC-Alliance. Some big politician (not to mention his name) from Matabeleland was given such gift: a Mercedes Benz, before 2018 general elections. This is how the Ndebele politicians sell their soils to get piece-meals from either Zanu-PF or MDC-Alliance.

Curiously the people of Matabeleland do not learn from their political grave mistakes. They are blinded and easily get hooked to supporting parties that have no value to them immediately after elections. Bulawayo council elections are a perfect example. Can the people of this region refuse to be used by the likes of Felix Ndiweni? Why do you keep on voting for MDC-Alliance and hope for the difference, is that not the definition of madness? Our Chief from Ntabayezinduna is a self-serving Chief, can you not see that? His English language proficiency makes him think he is better than the rest, can you knot see that? Chief Ndiweni has nothing to show apart from a whole Chief licking the boots of Chamisa to pursue his own agenda that has nothing to do with the people of this region: can you not see that?

The people of this region are manipulated by emotions of the past Ndebele Kingdoms and think that they can reverse the hands of time. I will be insulted again if I said the time for Nguni Kingdom is over! This land belongs to the San populations of southern Africa. The Nguni Kingdom has no right in this region at all. You are forcing yourself on us to accept you, exactly what you are refusing from the Shona tribes, to force themselves on you. All this gold and diamonds you are talking about belong to the San people of these lands.

It is high time we people of San population started demanding what belongs to us: the lands and its natural resources. We refuse to be subjugated as if we do not exist. Much as the people of Matabeleland refuse to be second class to the peoples of Mashonaland's, we equally refuse to be third-class citizens in the lands that initially belonged to us for centuries of years. All things equal, enough of your boastfulness that does not benefit a single person from the San populations.

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