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To deal with the Coronavirus threat, the Government needs to repatriate stolen funds

The Coronavirus pandemic that has brought nations like Italy, France, Spain to its knees, is already in Zimbabwe. The closure of schools, the banning of gatherings of more than 50 people has begun and lockdowns are in place.

Our Government and other authorities are going to have an immensely difficult time dealing with the Coronavirus threat, at all levels. We have seen the economic ramifications from the virus massively increase unemployment in Europe, the U.S. and Asia, with stock markets crashing and financial crises rock the most stable of economies.

It is obvious, but needs restating, that Zimbabwe, with all of its financial woes, could break irreparably under the pressure of dealing with the Coronavirus.

That is why, now, more than ever, our nation needs to access any and all financial resources to try and stablise the nation's economy or the people and all businesses will drown in debt, bankruptcy and poverty.

One of the most obvious places that our Government can start is to redeem the nation's money from those who stole it, especially during the Mugabe years.

These people, who still live amongst us, continue to flash their opulence, gained at our expense, even while the people fight for every morsel of food.

As the courts are already under lockdown it will be hard to initiate certain proceedings, but we can find individuals who were already under investigation, halted during the Mugabe years at the instruction of Uncle Bob, who no longer enjoy his sordid protection, and continue to live off the public purse.

One such ‘easy target' is Prominent Harare Lawyer and businessman Farai Mutamangira.
Mutamangira was previously implicated in the episode when $15 billion of Zimbabwe's diamond revenue was stolen from the national resources. It has been alleged that he was part of the cover up and was rewarded handsomely for his role and paid for services that until this day remain unclear.

Mutamangira has never been held accountable to the people of Zimbabwe for his part in this theft of eye-watering proportions.
Furthermore, Mutamangira was Chairman of the Board of Hwange Colliery Company Limited (HCCL) when it misused $120 million through shoddy dealings, including with the EXIM Bank of India, and was unable to pay its thousands of workers for years leaving them poor, desperate and destitute while retaining his own lucrative position.

For many years, the lawyer understood well that he had the protection of the repressive Mugabe regime. Mutamangira was so close to Robert and Grace Mugabe that the former leader wanted to replace the leader of the National Patriotic Front (NPF) with Mutamangira during the 2018 elections.

At the time, he was warned about his continued brazen association with Mugabe, and how it could affect his business dealings.
"Personally, he has also built quite an impressive portfolio across the chrome and stone-quarry mining sectors, concierge services, significant stake in one regional low-cost airline and policy-advisory contracts or deals with many public entities," said one market watcher at the time. "However, he risks a reversal of that fortune owing to this (NPF) link and alleged political move because we know how Zimbabwe's political economy operates."

In other words, Mutamangira was prepared to risk everything to run with Mugabe, who at the time still remained committed to try and steal back the country.

The only reason one can speculate is because Mutamangira had too much to lose to turn his back on the former Zimbabwean President, who obviously knew the true secret of Mutamangira's untold fortunes.

These fortunes unfortunately remain out in the open for the Zimbabwe public to see in such a shameless manner.
Only a few weeks ago, he rubbed it further in our faces when he showed up to visit his children at the private Riverton Academy in Masvingo, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars, in a private helicopter.

Running an expensive private helicopter just to visit children in their school are the actions of someone who feels he can continue acting with immunity and impunity.

It is this and other similar disgusting displays of opulence, in addition to his being more vulnerable without the Mugabes shielding him, and that investigations and proceedings were already initiated against him, which demonstrate amply why Farai Mutamangira needs to be near the front of the list amongst those who need to be held to account for their plunder of our wallets.
Especially now, with the Coronavirus threat escalating daily, the people demand the return of our hard-earned money from those who picked our pockets in broad daylight.

Our Government will have a lot of expenses to pay in the coming weeks and months, not least in health and helping the people pay their bills as they try and eke out a living.

We know that the spread of the Coronavirus spread is no one's fault. However, we can suffer it better if we know that the Government is doing everything in its power to alleviate our suffering.

It needs to start by repatriating our money from those that stole it. It can start with bringing Farai Mutamangira to justice for his alleged theft and crimes, and returning the nation's wealth to the people.
There can be no more excuses.

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