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'Now is the time to liberate ourselves' - Why long wait? New Dotito puppy tale of the unexpected

Zimbabwe's corrupt and incompetent politicians, right across the political divide, take the Zimbabwean electorate for fools!

It was only after Joice Mujuru was booted out; "baby dumped", as Grace Mugabe gleefully boasted; of Zanu PF in 2014 that she finally discovered she had a voice to against corrupt and oppression. And yet just a few months before she had address a Zanu PF Women's League meeting in Chinhoyi in which she had categorically denied there was corruption in the country. Thanks to modern technology, someone had recorded her speech and it went viral.

"Mwana wembwa haasvinuri zura raazvarwa!" (A puppy does not open its eyes the day it is born!) Mujuru explain when asked why she had never criticized Zanu PF corruption and tyranny whilst she was still in power.

We are to believe that Dotito (Mujuru's home area) puppies take 34 years just to open their eyes!

The High Court ruling, confirmed by the Supreme Court on 30 March, that Nelson Chamisa's seizure of power following Tsvangirai's death had, indeed, violated the MDC constitution; has thrown the cat among the pigeons. The Court ruling nullify the succession and the leadership of the power was handed to Thokozani Khupe, the cat, in a silver platter.

Since the 2018 palace coup Chamisa and his supporters had given Khupe and her lot a torrid time made worse by the humiliating performance of her faction in the July 2018 elections. The Court gave have the sword with which to administer her revenge and, by Jove, she has been slashing merciless; right, centre and left.

It is a bloodbath in the MDC cage. 13 MDC legislators have been recalled and Madam Khupe is not done yet!

"The enemies of the struggle claim to have recalled me. l was sponsored by MDC Alliance and voted by the people of Mkoba. My Parliament is in Mkoba. We remain focused to free the people of Zimbabwe from the jaws of poverty emanating from the legitimacy crisis and massive corruption from Zanu-PF," said Amos Chibaya, one of the recalled MPs.

"To the MDC Alliance family and all Zimbabweans who want to see change lets remain strong and focused. We cannot be silenced, the time is now to liberate ourselves."

The people of Zimbabwe have risked life and limb to elected MDC leaders into power on the understanding the party will implement the democratic changes the nation has been dying for all these last 40 years. MDC has been on the political stage for 20 years, 5 of which in the GNU, and has failed to implement even one democratic reform. Not one!

If MDC leaders had indeed remained "focused to free the people of Zimbabwe" then the party would have implemented all the democratic reforms especially during the 2008 to 2013 GNU when they had their best chance!

"The time is now to liberate ourselves!" So, MDC did not implement even one token reform all these last 20 years because the party was waiting for the right time – NOW!

Why now, one might well ask? That is easy to answer, Amos Chibaya and his MDC colleagues recalled have lost their gravy-train seat in parliament or senate together with all the generous salary and allowance that goes with it. To win back their gravy-train seats they must win the confidence of the electorate by pretending, if elected, they will this time implement the reforms to secure freedom, free elections, economic recovery, etc.

So, MDC did not implement even one democratic reform these last 20 years because it was the wrong time to do so. This is a typical Zimbabwe political tale from the unexpected to add to the Dotito puppy that took 34 years to open her sexy eyes and many, many more such tales! 

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