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Thokozani Khupe's wings must be clipped

The Iron lady of recalls is at the headlines again and the people are living no stone unturned and have vowed to give her an agitated finger. The storm is raging more than ever. The ship is wrecking and being hit by turbulences.

Its clear Thokozani Khupe does not have the political campus, neither does Douglas Mwonzora have  gravitas and that extra touch, worst Morgen Komichi is just a natural disaster and a time bomb.

The 'major' new culture of these  leaders are being appendages of Zanu PF. They have absolutely zero integrity.

They are species that appear to have an insatiable appetite for leadership and are driven by monetary desires. Their brains are muddied,  pregnant and obsessed with destruction rather than building a very strong opposition party that will not be prone to any kind of political manipulation.

In politics, without the people's blessings one is bound to hit a brickwall and will always struggle to stand the challenges. There is no free lunch on earth. Thokozani Khupe garnerd 45 000 votes in 2018 elections and what makes her all of a sudden to become a leader of about 2 million people. She must be shocked.

If Khupe does not properly open her political lenses she risks to be history and a political urchin soon.

She can't survive this political terrain through recalling members of parliaments just like that. The people will make sure that they put her at her where she belongs. The people are ready to humble her as much as they humbled Obert Gutu et al. This weak opposition political outfit under Thokozani Khupe is a cemetery of dreams.

Thokozani boldly said she was in politics because she wanted money. There is nothing much better that sums up her own words.

She was very frank and the people must not expect much from such kind of leaders. At least she was honest and brave enough to say it and she is doing it. She is just a monetary mercenary not a political game changer.

She loves using whatever political muscle at her own disposal to solve political issues through a captured judiciary, not knowing that the best courts of public opinions are the people.

I doubt very much whether Thokozani Khupe can be classified as a role model in tge society.

She is a bonafide embarrassment to females and those aspiring to have political positions in the country.

The moment a politician goes against a democratic process that disregards voter choice that person is a dictator and oppressor. They must not be given any opportunity to lead.

Constitutions are meant to benefit the citizens not politicians. These kind of judgements which MDC-T are using will move and break the spirit of the people who are fighting for the total emancipation of the people's struggle left behind by radical Morgan Tsvangirayi.

Sell outs of the struggle have been identified and will fall by the wayside.

Thokozani Khupe will enter the books of records as the first person to destroy the people's struggle and burying progressive democratic rights.

Wisdom does not even ooze out of Dr Thokozani Khupe mental faculty. She cannot be allowed to deflate the spirits of millions of people who voted for MDC-Alliance just because she wants to benefit financially. Thokozani has been in bed with ZANU PF for too long and the people are not amused nor surprised by her behaviour .She has been on a mission with her other minions.

When she saw Morgan Tsvangirayi embracing other opposition political parties, she began  boycotting meetings as she felt the challenge was likely to become stronger for her. She is a well groomed and trained deceptive political criminal.

The MDC-T interim leader and Douglas Mwonzora know that they are living under the mercies of this current government and their hands are tied up and will not even habe the energy to criticise Zanu PF. They cannot attempt to bite the hand that feeds them.

By elections will not positively respond to the constitutional violations. We are wasting money on by-elections when people are suffering. There is nothing democratic about parliament in Zimbabwe. Elected representatives are fired by the regime for no reason except that the regime prefers to install a puppet opposition.

Our parliament has made a mockery of the will of the people and the right to vote but the struggle will continue. This is just a storm and its shall calm down.


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